Talking Tom Splash Force



Aim, shoot, and splash your enemies



All ages

Talking Tom Splash Force is a game where you have to shoot water balloons to try to take down your rivals. You can play Tom, Angela, and Hank, among other characters from Outfit, and have to face off against an evil band of raccoon thieves.

The game system in Talking Tom Splash Force is relatively similar to the mythic Angry Birds saga. Swipe your finger lightly from the left side of the screen to aim your balloon, allowing you to adjust both the height and the force of the launch. Do be careful, though, as every time you shoot a balloon the raccoons shoot one back at you. And if they manage to knock you into the water, you lose the game.

In every setting in Talking Tom Splash Force, besides the raccoons you have to topple, you'll find other items that can help – or hurt – you. For example, sometimes the raccoons are hidden behind barricades that you've got to knock down first. On other occasions you can push the raccoons against mines and send them flying through the air.

Between rounds the players in Talking Tom Splash Force can use special keys to open chests. Inside the chests are new characters and new skins for Tom and Angela. Plus each character in the game has a unique kind of balloon. For example, Tom's balloon can be separated into three smaller balloons, while Angela's balloons might pop before they hit their target.

Talking Tom Splash Force is a very entertaining game with a simple and perfect gameplay for touchscreens, very pretty graphics, and a personable cast of characters. Another excellent game from the Outfit7 studio.